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Canadian Shoppers Club

on August 28, 2013

We would like to welcome Canadian Shoppers Club as new advertiser on

A little about Canadian Shoppers Club:

Canadian Shoppers Club is a rapidly expanding not-for-profit private members club that supports small-to-medium sized Canadian Merchants throughout Canada.

We are not a MLM or  a Network Marketing company!!

Canadian Shoppers Club has the only Residual Rebate System in the world!

We provide our members with the largest cash-back rebates available anywhere!


What Canadian Shoppers Club does

We provide immediate savings and offer special shopping deals exclusive to Canadian Shoppers Club members, AND return the best cash-back rebates in the world, by supporting small businesses throughout Canada.

Canadian Shoppers Club is going Global!

We are anticipating our software launching in a few short weeks. Canadian Shoppers Club will then be known as Worlwide Shoppers Club. With the launch of the new software we will be able to offer the same rebates and savings to consumers globally.

The Worldwide Shoppers Club will offer the opportunity for you to select your home country and then narrow your search for local merchants.

If you would like more information email:

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